Flow Assurance Solution

Extended reach coiled tubing for pipeline remediation.

Eliminate Blockage Guesswork with CoilTAC™

When production is restricted or halted due to pipeline blockage, revenue losses are immediate. Previous technologies to remove blockages required cutting the line, sometimes more than once, to clean short intervals. These intervals were usually no greater than 5,000 feet.

If your pipeline is 40,000 feet long in 1,500 feet of water, now is not the time to guess where to make the first cut. IPS takes the guess work out of pipeline intervention with the CoilTAC™ extended reach Thruster system.

Impacting the Future of Pipeline Construction

The CoilTAC™ Thruster is designed for cleanout operations in pipelines with an inside diameter of 3 inches and greater and to distances in excess of 40,000 feet. The CoilTAC™ Thruster is capable of removing paraffin, hydrate plugs, asphaltenes, scale and other blockages to the full ID of the pipeline.

CoilTAC™ operations can be performed from liftboats, deepwater vessels, platforms or land. The cost of pipeline cleanout operations can be reduced significantly due to the ability of the CoilTAC™ Thruster to clean long intervals of pipeline from a single point - even through a bend radius as small as 5D.

The CoilTAC™ system provides a jetting action ahead of the Thruster while applying thrust force as it moves down the pipeline. This ability to simultaneously thrust and jet ahead of the tool with treatment chemicals applied directly to the pipeline obstruction allows the thruster system to clean further than conventional coiled tubing applications. While CoilTAC™ helps provide flow assurance in existing pipelines, this unique technology could also impact future pipeline construction design by extending the reach of subsea tiebacks.

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