HSEQ Policy Statement

The health and safety of our employees and the protection of our environment will always come first at IPS.

IPS believes our success depends on our ability to deliver valued services to our customers without harming people or the environment. Health and safety is everyone's responsibility and it is more than a focus or a priority, it is a Core Value that will not be compromised in the pursuit of any other business goal. Every employee of IPS is empowered and expected to exercise Stop Work Authority when necessary to protect the safety of themselves or other employees and/or contractors and prevent damage to the environment when performing any work related task or job.

IPS has implemented safety programs to protect our personnel, customers, contractors, the public, property, and the environment. Each employee is responsible for their own safety and the reporting of unsafe conditions. IPS' managers and supervisors are committed to demonstrating a leadership role in promoting worker health and safety in its activities and in protecting the public and the environment. Target Zero is our belief and commitment that the prevention of all incidents and injuries is possible.

IPS will comply with applicable federal and local laws and recognized industry safety practices. The Company requires that all employees, contractors, and other parties performing work for or on behalf of the Company similarly comply.

Our integrated HSEQ Management System approach represents our commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest of HSEQ standards including:

  • Developing and nurturing a safety culture within IPS that promotes and sustains our commitment to Target Zero;
  • Providing resources for employee training in HSEQ and job specific skills and knowledge;
  • Training our employees to properly utilize behavior based safety programs and utilize the observations to reduce at-risk behaviors;
  • Perform regular HSEQ audits, reviews and evaluations to promote Left of Zero activities versus reactive incident management;
  • Minimize our impact to the environment through prevention, reduced consumption and recycling whenever practical;
  • Complying with and adhering to all applicable regulations and laws as may be in place and where no law exists, implement best practices as may be necessary to promote our overall HSEQ goals;
  • Implement documented processes focused on ensuring the quality of our management systems, products and services appropriate to our industry;
  • Through establishment of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time focused targets and goals we will ensure our HSEQ goals are met and continuous improvement is attained.

The IPS HSEQ Management System is the cornerstone of our continuous improvement process to assess and manage the potential HSE risks inherent to our business and will be reviewed annually to ensure that as our business needs and risks may change, the system remains suited to and effective towards our goal of Target Zero.

The success of IPS in obtaining Target Zero is a shared responsibility and commitment:

  • Executive leadership accepts the responsibility for the development and implementation of the HSEQ Management System and ensuring its effectiveness and continuous improvement thereby providing the framework necessary to ensure our employees a safe and environmentally responsible work environment.
  • Management and Field Supervisors are responsible for fostering and cultivating positive attitudes among their crews and employees towards responsible HSEQ performance. They are also responsible for ensuring that all operations are conducted in accordance with the standards set forth in the HSEQ Management System.
  • All employees are responsible for understanding and following the standards established in the HSEQ Management System and to provide feedback towards its continual improvement while performing their work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Greg A. Smith
Vice President
Integrated Production Services, Inc.
Charlotte Bellon
HSE Director
Integrated Production Services, Inc.

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