Flowback & Production Testing

Integrated Production Services, a leading provider of Production Well Testing Services, operates testing units across North America. We specialize in providing well-test services in challenging conditions such as high-flow rate, small locations and sour production.

IPS understands the need for accurate and efficient production testing data. That’s why our Production Well Testing team works with customers to design the correct solution for their unique situation. Our testing resources include sour and high-pressure systems, trailer-mounted systems for difficult location access, and secure on-line access to testing data. Our experience and commitment ensure IPS provides accurate information in a safe and efficient manner.

As a leader in technology development, IPS’s Green Flowback System allows our customers to separate, record and sell produced hydrocarbons during the completions of the well. The Green Flowback System also reduces emissions, eliminates well shut-in time and minimizes formation damage. This system allows IPS to handle corrosive liquids and abrasive solids, with oil and gas production, while performing a well test.

IPS offers Production Testing units along with 3- and 4-Phase Separators and High-Pressure Heater equipment.


Flowback Equipment

  • Test Separators – Skid-mounted, high-volume units with 3- and 4-phase metering
  • Portable Test Separators – Standard Volume Units, 3-phase metering
  • Heaters – Skid-mounted and portable heaters
  • Sand Separators
  • Flowback Manifolds
  • Hydraulic Choke Manifolds
  • Choke Trailer


Support Equipment

  • Portable Flow Line
  • Vertical Flare Stacks
  • Surface Pressure Gauges
  • Safety and Sound Equipment
  • Data Acquisition
  • Sand Monitor
  • BOP Testing/Nipple-Up/Down


Completion & Workover Applications

  • Flowback
  • Green Completions
  • In-Line Production Testing
  • Well Cleanups


Critical Well Applications

  • CO2 and H2S Services
  • Horizontal Completions
  • High Temperature and Pressure


Green Flowback Process

The IPS Green Flowback process is an efficient process to separate, record and sell produced effluent constituents. This closed loop system beginning with the completion phase allows the well operator the advantage of hydrocarbon sales during this workover process.

How it works

  1. Temporary staged frac plugs are drilled via coiled tubing, snubbing or workover rig
  2. Produced fluids and plug cuttings enter flowback system
  3. Large solids are captured and removed from fluids
  4. Produced fluids enter manifold and separator system for rate and pressure control
  5. Sand particles are then captured and removed from produced fluids
  6. Hydrocarbons are separated and directed to sales line
  7. Hydrocarbons are sold during entire drilling process

Benefits of the IPS Green Flowback Process
Recognized by “Energy Star Program”

  • No Flaring – No Venting
  • Reduced methane emissions
  • Environmentally friendly

Able to sell Hydrocarbons during completion drillouts

  • Capture and remove large produced solids
  • Capture and record produced hydrocarbons
  • Comprehensive well testing to predict well and field productivity.

Eliminates well shut-in time

  • Reduces debris fallback on top of BHA
  • Reduces plugging of hydraulic manifold
  • Reduces differential sticking of BHA

Minimal or no formation damage

  • Eliminate loading hole with kill fluid